i'm from jeju


Arnulf Rainer. Fire. 1967


Alex Prager
Crowd #7 (Bob Hope Airport), 2013


People say “phase” like impermanence means insignificance. Show me a permanent state of the self.


Red iceberg causes a stir in Greenland

An artist with 780 gallons of red paint, three fire hoses and a 20-member crew at his disposal went to Greenland in search of a blank canvas large enough to accommodate his creative impulse.

The result is a blood-red iceberg now sitting off the country’s western coast.


Vogue staffers reveal their favorite face washes in time to start your spring cleaning.

Click here to see their 8 picks.

Photographed by Irving Penn, Vogue, May 2002


A big male orca surfaces under the bridge at Kolgrafafjördur, Iceland. I love this perspective, partially because you hardly ever see orcas from this angle. -Katie Jones


am i horny? no
am i jackin off anyways? maybe